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We would be pleased to check the current status and the possibilities for optimisation in a personal telephone call.

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✓ Free initial consultation

We would be pleased to check the current status and the possibilities for optimisation in a personal telephone call.

✓ Transparent costs

We provide evidence of all services and costs and always remain within the agreed budget.

✓ No contractual obligation

We do not bind our customers by contracts, but by satisfaction — cancellation possible at any time!

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Personal consulting

Severin Lucks has been integrating search engine optimization into online marketing processes for over 20 years: From programming to design to communication and advertising — interdisciplinary, with foresight and entrepreneurial thinking he advises, trains and motivates.

We work according to the „Whitehead SEO“ principle: We optimize website content primarily for people and do not risk over-optimization or spam.


We adapt our specially developed and hundredfold tested SEO process to individual needs and personnel possibilities.

1. Analysis & monitoring

At the start of the project we set up a dashboard to monitor Google rankings. For this purpose, we check the technical setup and user-friendliness of the website to be optimised.

2. Website conception

With the help of keyword research and market analysis we determine the needs of the users and derive the website structure, the depth of content and the editorial plan.

3. Onpage optimization

The practical implementation starts with technical SEO, metadata and text optimization. In doing so, we consider best practices of conversion rate optimization.

4. Offpage optimization

Depending on the type of offers, the geographical focus and the target groups, we support the building of reputation on external platforms and place ads.

We see ourselves as mentors and explain in an understandable way how SEO works: In contrast to an SEO agency, we advise independently of the implementation and prioritize the individually most suitable measures. We are happy to make our checklists and guidelines available for implementation or, if desired, provide active support. In addition to SEO consulting, we also offer SEO training.


We support our customers quickly and proactively. We not only advise, but also program our own solutions such as our SEO plugin, so that our customers can communicate more efficiently online. This includes besides >100 SMEs:


No. In-house SEO is always better than hiring an external SEO agency, since success depends largely on online communication. Since in-house employees usually have more expertise than external SEO agencies, in-house SEO is more efficient. Apart from that, most SEO agencies see themselves as all-rounders and offer SEO packages at flat rates – without individual analysis and conception, without itemized measures and proof of performance, often with a pure Google focus – thus ignoring the users and other search engines.

However, if you do not have sufficient and at the same time well-trained personnel in your own company, it is better to outsource your communication to an agency with an affinity for the industry and to have yourself and your team trained and managed by SEO consultants like us as required.

The scope of SEO should always be based on individual needs. Therefore, at the beginning of the project and at regular intervals, we determine exactly how many resources (personnel, time, costs) are required to achieve the goals of our clients and use this information to create our offer.

A rule of thumb says that SEO costs about half of a Google Ads budget. For a small SEO project, you should expect to pay between €2,000 and €5,000 per year, for a medium-sized project (e.g. website relaunch of a medium-sized company) between €10,000 and €30,000 and for a large project like a corporate relaunch with international SEO between €50,000 and €100,000.

Promising concrete rankings would be dubious, because these depend above all on the keywords and the associated competition, the current state of SEO and the implementation of optimization measures and ultimately on the respective search engine. Therefore it is important that all recommended measures are implemented professionally and quickly.

We measure the success of each optimization measure from the very first contact and develop further steps based on our and the project-specific experience. In many cases the first successes can be measured within a month. More realistic, however, is an expectation period of 6 months until successes have a noticeable effect on new customer enquiries. If, however, a website has been updated less frequently than quarterly in the past, this will have a corresponding delaying effect.

Any more questions? We’ll be happy to answer them ? .

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